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Swinburne Design Factory (SDF) brings together students, researchers, industry partners and entrepreneurs to solve complex problems and generate innovative solutions.

Residing in Swinburne University, SDF provides a culture of practice and knowledge to enable industries to achieve greater impact and students to become future ready.

Our programs are world class.


Students from design, business, engineering and technology have the opportunity to join SDF and work on a semester or year-long project with industry. In these industry cases you have a chance to bring theoretical knowledge into life, collaborate with clients and users, learn how to articulate your ideas, gain relevant work experience and open up your perspective beyond your core discipline.

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SDF helps all industry partners from different sectors and disciplines to gain greater competitive advantage, critical strategic insights, new ideas and research through diverse student-led teams. Extend perspective in problem solving beyond normal business resources by seeing it through design, business development and technology lenses.

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Want to be a part of SDF?

Swinburne Design Factory recruits Design, Engineering, and Business students to join SDF projects two times a year.

These programs empower interdisciplinary teams of students to engage in highly intensive collaborative projects with professional industry partners and to develop innovative and holistic solutions in Australia and Internationally.

If you are passionate about user centred design innovation and want to see your ideas have a real and visible impact on the local and global communities enter your email address to find out more.




Industry Partner: TOTTO

Program: ME310 Global Innovation Program

Year: 2013-2014

Challenge: Design a smart container, which anticipates the needs of the future urban traveller.

Solution: The global team of designers and engineers developed an item tracking system and hardware capable of monitoring the users personal belongings and reminding users if an item is forgotten.

Impact: The proof of concept prototype is being taken to the manufacturing stage by the project sponsor as part of strategy to move into new international markets.



Industry Partner: VISY

Program: Product Innovation Program

Year: 2014

Challenge: Redesign the milk crate to reduce costs associated with storage, cleaning and theft.

Solution: Four diverse concepts were presented. The preferred concept was a flat-pack, one-way, recyclable packaging solution that significantly reduces material and transport costs, offers safer manual handling, negates cleaning and theft issues.

The Impact: VISY took the concept under further development with supply chain stakeholders.


Acoustic Angle

Industry Partner: Involve Audio

Program: Product Innovation Program

Challenge: Design a speaker, which showcases an advanced audio technology.

The Solution: Holistic speaker system “Y”, which enables a perfect surround sound audio experience at any location with no ‘dead’ spots.

The Impact: The proof of concept prototype was taken to the manufacturing stage with a commercial product launch in 2015. The student group’s project manager Christopher Coller has been employed by the Involve Audio to continue developing the product in a full time position.




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